Train Timings Calicut – Railway Timetable

Trains starting from Kozhikde towards South (Shoranur, Ernakulam, Palakkad Side)


Time* Service Days Train No: Train Name To Via
00.10 Monday 11097 Poorna Express Ernakulam Jn. Shoranur, Trissur, Aluva, Ernakulam Town
00.30 Monday 12654 Trichy Super Fast Tiruchirappalli Shoranur, Palakkad, Erode, Karur
00.42 Tue, Thu, Fri 12432 Rajdhani Express Trivandrum Shoranur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alleppey, Kollam
0.42 Sunday 12978 Marusagar Express Ernakulam Jn. Shoranur, Trisur, Aluva
02.00 Daily 16628 West Coast Express Chennai Shornur, Palakkad, CBE, Salem, Katpadi
05.20 Daily 56600 Shoranur Passenger Shoranur Kadalundi, Tirur, Pattambi
06.15 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 12081 Jan Shatabdi Tiruvananthapuram Shoranur, Thrissur, EKM Town, Kottayam, Kollam
06.40 Thu, Sat 16314 Executive Express Ernakulam Jn. Shoranur, Trichur, EKM Town
06.40 Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 16308 Executive Express Alappuzha Shornur, Thrissur, Aluva, EKM Town, EKM Jn., Chertala
07.10 Daily 12618 Mangala Express Ernakulam Jn. Shoranur, Thrissur, Aluva
07.25 Monday 10215 Ernakulam Weekly Eranakulam Jn. Shoranur, Thrisur, Aluva
08.15 Daily 56650 Coimbatore Fast Coimbatore Shornur, Ottapalam, Palaghat, Walayar,
08.55 Daily 16649 Parasuram Express Trivandrum Shornur, Trichur, EKM Town, Kottayam
09.20 Friday 12218 Sampark Kranti Kochuveli Shornur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alapuzha, Kollam
09.20 Wednesday 12288 Kochuveli Express Kochuveli Shoranur, EKM Town, Kottayam, Kollam
09.20 Sun, Mon 12998 Tirunelveli SuperFast Tirunelveli Shoranur, Trichur, EKM Jn., Alapuuzha, TVM, Nagercoil
09.20 Tuesday 12484 Kochuveli Express Kochuveli Shornur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alapuuzha, Kollam
10.30 Daily 16345 Netravati Express Trivandrum Shoranur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alappuzha, Kollam
11.20 Daily 16108 Egmore Express Chennai Egmore Shoranur, Palakkad, CBE, Karur, Trichy
11.45 Daily 16605 Eranad Express Nagercoil Shornur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alappuzha, Kollam, TVM
13.05 Daily 56324 Coimbatore Fast Coimbatore Shoranur, Palakkad,  Walayar, Madukarai
13.40 Daily 12075 Jan Shatabdi Trivandrum Shornur, Thrissur, EKM Jn., Alappuzha, Kollam
14.22 Tue, Sat 12201 Kochuveli Garib Rath Kochuveli Shornur, Trichur, EKM Town, Kottayam, Kolam
16.05 Daily 16306 Ernakulam    InterCity Ernakulam Jn. Shoranur, Thrissur, Aluva, EKM Town
17.30 Daily 12602 Chennai Mail Chennai Shornoor, Palakkad, Salem, Jolarpettai
18.05 Mon, Thu 12520 Ernakualm SF Ernakulam Junction Tirur, Shornur, Thrissur
18.15 Daily 56602 Shoranur Passenger Shoranur Tanur, Kuttippuram
18.55 Daily 16348 Trivandrum Express Trivandrum Shornur, Tricur, EKM Town, Kottayam, Kollam
20.05 Daily 16528 Yeshwantpur Express Bangalore Yesvantpur Shoranur, Palakad, Erode, Hosur, Banaswadi
20.20 Except Monday 12686 Chennai Express Chennai Shoranur, Palakkad, Salem, Katpadi
20.20 Monday 16044 Pondichery Weekly Pondichery Shoranur, Palghat, Salem, Villupuram
20.45 Saturday 16335 Nagercoil Express Nagerkovil Shornure, Trichur, EKM Town, Kottayam, Kollam, TVM
20.45 Thursday 16311 Kochuveli Express Kochuveli Shoranur, Trisur, EKM Town, Kottayam
20.45 Friday 16333 Veraval-TVM Trivandrum Shoranur, Thrissur, EKM Town, Kottayam
20.50 Sun, Tue 16337 Dwarakapuri Express Eranakulam Jn. Shoranur, Thrissur, Aluva
20.55 Monday 16687 Navyug Express Jammu Tawi Shoranur, PGT, CBE, Delhi, Ludhiana, Samba
22.15 Daily 16603 Maveli Express Trivandrum Shornur, Thrissur,  EKM Jn., Alappuzha, Kollam
23.15 Daily 16630 Malabar Express Tiruvananthapuram Shoranur, Thrisur , EKM Town, Kottayam, Kollam


Trains starting from Kozhikode towards North Side (Kannur, Mangalore, Konkan)

Time* Service Days Train No: Train Name To Via
00.30 Sunday 16312 Bikaner Express Bikaner Kannur, Manglore, Ahmedbad
00.30 Wednesday 16336 Gandhidham Express Gandhidham Cannanore, Payyanur, Mangalore, panvel, Ahmadabad
00.30 Monday 12977 Marusagar Express Ajmer Kannur, Kasargod, Mangalore, Surat, Jaipur
00.30 Thu, Sat 16338 Dwarakapuri Express Okha Thalasery, Kannur, Kasargod, Ahmedabad
00.30 Tuesday 16334 Veraval Express Veraval Thalassery, Cannanore, Ahmedabad, Rajkot
01.30 Sunday 12653 Mangalore SF Mangalore Thalassery, Kannur, Kasargod
02.10 Wed, Fri, Sat 12431 Rajdhani Express Nizamuddin Kannur, Manglore, panvel, Vadodara
03.25 Tuesday 11098 Poorna Express Pune Cannanore, Kanhangad,  mangalore, Belgaum
04.05 Daily 16604 Maveli Express Mangalore Mahe, Kannur, Nileshwar, Kanhangad
04.25 Daily 12685 Mangalore Express Mangalore Vadakara, Kannur, Payyanur,  Kasargod
04.25 Wednesday 16043 Mangalore Weekly Mangalore Thalassery, Kannur, Payyanur, Kasarcode
04.50 Daily 16629 Malabar Express Mangalore Thalassery,  Kannur, Kasargod
06.15 Daily 16347 Mangalore Express Mangalore Mahe, kannur, Kanhangad
06.45 Daily 16527 Kannur Express Kannur Vadakara, Thalassery
07.00 Daily 56653 Kannur Passenger Kannur Koyilandy, Payyoli, Vadakara, Mahe, Thalassery
07.50 Daily 12601 Mangalore Express Mangalore kannur, Cheruvathur,  Kanhangad
08.50 Tue, Fri 12519 Pune SuperFast Pune Thalassery, Kannur, Kasargod, Mangalore, panvel
09.45 Daily 56603 Kannur Passenger Kannur Vadakara, Talassery, Dharmadam
10.50 Daily 16305 Kannur InterCity Cannanore Vadakara, Thalassery
12.40 Daily 16606 Eranad Express Mangalore Kannur, Valapattanam, Kanhangad
13.45 Daily 56323 Mangalore Fast Passenger Mangalore Kannur, Payyanur, Kasargod
13.50 Sunday 16688 Navyug Express Mangalore Thalassery, Kannur, Kasargod
14.20 Daily 56657 Kannur Passenger Kannur Koyilandy, Vadakara, Mahe, Thalassery
       15.05 Daily 12617 Mangala Express Delhi H.Nizamuddin Kannur, Via Konkan
15.45 Daily 16650 Parasuram Express Mangalore Kannur, Kanhangad,  Kasargod
16.50 Saturday 12217 Kerala Sampark Kranti Chandigarh Kanur, Kasarcode, Vadodara, Delhi
16.50 Sun, Thu 12202 Mumbai Garib Rath Mumbai Cannanore, Mangalore, Thane
16.50 Friday 12287 Dehradun Weekly Dehradun Kannur, Mangalore, Surat, Delhi, Meerut, Haridwar
16.50 Wednesday 12483 Amritsar Express Amritsar Kannur, Mangalore, Delhi, Ludhiana
16.50 Mon, Tue 12997 Hapa Express Hapa Kannur, Udupi, Ahmedabad
17.00 Daily 16107 Mangalore Express Mangalore Kannur, Payanur, Manjeshwar
18.15 Monday 10216 Madgaon Express Madgaon Kannur, Kasargod, Mangalore
18.30 Daily 56651 Kannur Fast Passenger Kannur Vadakara, Mahe, Thalassery
18.55 Daily 16346 Netravati Express Mumbai LTT Kanhangad,  Mangalore (Konkan)
21.05 Thu, Sat 16313 Executive Express Kannur Koyilandy, Vadakara,  Talassery
21.05 Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 16307 Executive Express Kannur Koyilandy, Mahe, Thalassery
23.55 Daily 16627 West Coast Express Mangalore Thalassery, Kannur, Nileshwar, Kasargod

The Information is updated on 20.06.2011

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Palghaty railway enquiry number: 0495-2701234

Reservation Enquiry       132

For Railway enquiry Dial 131

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